Leadership role.

Now, I'm in a situation of in the middle.

This phase is really important to me, that why, I can sacrifices 1 hour of my study week to type thing, for that it can't be lost in my mind.
*Huh, just realize that I really not use to type and post in this blog anymore.

 Okay okay, its like this. I give you a picture of it.

Imagine that you're a leader now, and you have a group of 60++ people to handle. The challenges are, to give this 60++ people to know, and really understand a new concept.

Konsep yang baru, dan ramai yang tak boleh adapt dan faham.
And also, you don't have a good personality,don't have strong character and people around you really don't respect you and will say bad things about you and blaming you in every aspect.

Its a big O concept, like want to change the mindset of people. Like bring a new world to them.
and No, this not happend to me, but to my leader.

She don't have the thing to show that she is a great leader as to gain the respect from others.
Okay, not is she don't, but she can't show it that much as people around have so much hatred on her.

I pity her, but I really sorry that I still finding the way to make people around us also understand the things that she and me understand. The concept, and the world that she going to put and inserted in the 60++ people's mind. Its hard .

Yah, people usually blaming, I don't know why, they don't find out why it happens yet. Just blame. Like you don't know the word not perfect. There is no perfect people. They are just per'fake'.

I just you guys opinion on it. What your action on it if it happend to you?. This things really challenge me, to take up her role and to put my feet on her shoes. I usually imagine, what if I have to face it. What will I do.

Huh, I meant to keep this post like 99% in English. A band 3 girl type in broken english and the post will be bored. So not everyone will read this post. Only the interest one will do. 

Feeling arggh. Just found out that it easy to make song. 
the lyrics is just neng neng neng nong neng and bla bla.
Come on lah.What the hell is that.


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